20 celebrities with fake teeth

Have you ever wondered how celebrities maintain perfect teeth all through their careers? While for many it's a case of following good oral hygiene and watching what they eat and drink, more stars than you might think have received a little help from cosmetic dentistry.

Here are some of the most notable stars from Hollywood and around the world who may have modified their smiles with veneers, implants, dentures and other dental procedures.

1. Miley Cyrus

When someone's been under the spotlight for as long as Miley Cyrus has, changes are much more obvious. The former child star had slightly crooked teeth during her Hannah Montana days, but these days they're noticeably straighter and flawlessly white.

2. Tom Cruise

One of Hollywood's A-list for decades, Tom Cruise had dental work done early in his career to bring his teeth into better alignment and enhance their whiteness. It's believed that the star has had crowns, veneers and orthodontics.

3. Hilary Duff

Another former Disney child star, Hilary Duff's decision to modify her smile came after she allegedly chipped her tooth on a microphone while performing in 2005. This tooth may have been covered up by a veneer, and veneers may also have been placed over her other teeth for a matching look.

4. George Clooney

Silver fox George Clooney actually appeared older earlier in his career, when his teeth looked more yellow and worn – apparently the result of teeth grinding due to stress. His teeth were strengthened and lengthened with crowns, and he's also had veneers to give him a whiter smile.

5. Victoria Beckham

Before she shot to fame with the Spice Girls, Posh Spice likely had orthodontic work or veneers to lengthen her teeth and close gaps, based on photos from the star's earlier life.

6. Morgan Freeman

Turning 80 this year, the veteran actor has brightened his smile in his later career with the help of veneers. Freeman's teeth have noticeably whitened and become straighter and longer in recent years.

7. Cheryl Cole

Before Girls Aloud and The X Factor, Cheryl Cole had cosmetic dentistry done during the production of the reality TV series Popstars: The Rivals in 2002. This may have involved crowns or veneers as well as teeth whitening and orthodontics to improve the alignment of her front teeth.

8. Jim Carrey

The chipped tooth that Jim Carrey sported in 1994's Dumb and Dumber and its 2014 sequel was real. A crown was placed several years earlier, but the dedicated actor had it removed for the role.

9. Tulisa Contostavlos

Cheryl Cole's replacement on the UK's The X Factor followed in her predecessor's footsteps by having veneers fitted. The former N-Dubz singer reportedly had a £12,000 (A$19,500) smile makeover in 2012.

10. Gary Busey

One star whose dental work was corrective rather than cosmetic is Gary Busey. The outspoken actor had a serious motorcycle accident in 1988 that damaged his face, and part of his reconstructive involved covering his damaged teeth with veneers.

11. Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Oscar-winning actress may be renowned for her beauty, but earlier in life she was teased for having crooked teeth. After getting orthodontic treatment with braces in her teens, she may have had veneers fitted to whiten and straighten her smile further.

12. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck's teeth look a little different in Good Will Hunting compared to his later films. Supposedly, Armageddon director Michael Bay requested that the rising star had veneers fitted to extend his teeth and close the gaps.

13. Jennifer Garner

Affleck's former wife Jennifer Garner has also had veneers to whiten her teeth and reduce the appearance of a 'gummy smile.'

14. 50 Cent

Unlike some celebrities, rapper 50 Cent is open about the dental work he's had done, claiming to have spent over US$50,000 (A$63,000) to cover up the gaps in his front teeth as well as making other changes. However, he also told his dentist not to reduce the size of his front teeth, as he still wanted to look like himself.

15. Demi Moore

Now in her 50s, the star of Ghost has aged gracefully. She is thought to have had veneers, which whitened and straightened her yellowing teeth.

16. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage went above and beyond for his role in 1984's Birdy, actually having two teeth extracted. They were subsequently replaced with dental implants or dentures, and as his career bloomed, the actor may have modified the rest of his smile with veneers.

17. Celine Dion

Celine Dion's teeth noticeably reduced in size and brightened when her career took off in the 1990s, and this has led many to suggest the singer has veneers.

18. Mike Tyson

No sport puts teeth at greater risk of injury than boxing, and Mike Tyson's smile has changed significantly over the years. Once sporting a number of gold teeth and prominent gaps, today the gaps are smaller and his teeth have been covered with white veneers.

19. Janice Dickinson

Self-described "original supermodel" Janice Dickinson has had several dentures fitted to replace lost teeth. This came to light in 2011 when she was seen searching under a table at a restaurant, explaining to the media that she was looking for two misplaced dentures. They were found before too long.

20. Clark Gable

Oral health wasn't as prioritised or understood in the early 20th century as it is today, and some of Hollywood's biggest performers had already lost their natural teeth before their careers hit their stride. The most famous example is Clark Gable, who had most of his teeth removed and replaced with dentures following a gum infection when he was 32.

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