Patients often question the safety of teeth whitening processes. While teeth whitening does contain bleach, it is used at such a low concentration levels, that it poses little to no risk. While teeth whitening is a non-invasive and safe procedure there are a few side effects associated with teeth whitening processes. Side effects include tooth sensitivity, tender gums and/or a sore throat. Teeth sensitivity often only lasts for a short time however, your dentist may recommend using sensitive toothpaste for this time period. Tender gums and/or a sore throat will usually be a side effect of overfilling bleaching trays with whitening solution. This will cause the solution to leak onto the gums or down the throat, so irritation is short-lived. Before you can begin a whitening treatment your dentist will need to assess your suitability and overall oral health to confirm you are a suitable candidate. You will most likely undergo a professional scale and clean before beginning teeth whitening treatment which may help reduce any risk of side effects occurring.

Yes, absolutely. At Ocean Reef Dental Surgery we use an autoclave (sterilizer) which uses steam pressure to achieve a rapid high heat sterilisation for instruments. We also dispose of items whenever possible. The general standard of infection control in all surgeries in Australia is excellent. We are also QIP accredited which means we are forced to comply with very strict infection control and patient safety standards.

It is recommended that you visit your dentist every six months for a check-up and clean. This allows your dentist to remove any build-up pf plaque and bacteria. It provides an opportunity to identify and prevent any future problems that may occur. We believe prevention is better than cure. Therefore, by maintaining frequent check-ups rather than waiting for issues to arise, you are likely to save yourself time, pain and money.

Maintain a good oral hygiene routine is also recommended. Brushing twice daily and flossing once a day are vital steps in sustaining good oral health and will help to contribute towards overall health and wellbeing.

At Ocean Reef Dental Surgery, we accept all health funds! We are also a member’s first provider for Bupa. If you have extras cover your health fund card will be swiped through our Hicaps terminal. Your claim details are then entered in seconds the whole transaction is processed. Once your claim is authorised, you are only responsible for the balance or ‘gap’ payment. There is no more paperwork or queuing to fill in forms!

Patients may feel anxious to some degree when visiting the dentist and it's often because they are worried about experiencing pain. At Ocean Reef Dental Surgery, we aim to make all treatments as pain-free as possible and the comfort of our patients is paramount! However, it is important to note that everyone feels pain differently and what may be painless to one person may be agonizing to another. As a result, we have a series of pain management options for our treatments, just ask any of our team members! It is important to note that dentists aim to alleviate pain not create it!

At Ocean Reef Dental Surgery, we recommend that your child begin seeing a dentist six months after their first primary tooth has erupted. This usually occurs at three years of age. We will discuss any teething issues your child may be experiencing and will allow your child to familiarise themselves with their dentist to reduce any anxiousness about the denitst in the future. We will also teach your child the correct brushing techniques.

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